Rebecca is a certified Postpartum Doula, Plant Medicine Advocate, and Maternal Educator


Raised on the coast of Long Island, N.Y. she is the eldest of four and learned at a young age how to care for babies. Her Mother, one of ten, carries a strong maternal lineage of nurturer and caretaker. Rebecca has acquired many traits from her mother, who was her doula during her own initiation as Mother.


In the winter of 2012, Rebecca had her son at the age of 20 years old. This painstakingly beautiful experience of becoming a mother at a young age, influenced her life-long passion in childbirth and rites of passage for women, ancestral mythos, wellness and traditional healing. Following these pathways led to many realizations, and discoveries in which women’s innate power is at the center of it.


Rebecca moved to the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina in 2013 where she was introduced to herbalism, plant spirit medicine and alternative therapies. Since then, has been weaving webs with many leaders in her community including various teachers, peers, and elders who have continued to feed her heart’s longing which is grounded in women’s empowerment, specifically through the childbirth continuum.


This is a natural calling where Rebecca is most inspired. She is trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn care, lactation, birth story medicine processing, and promoting parent-infant bonding.


Currently, Rebecca is studying the art of aquatic therapy to incorporate water rebirthing ceremonies into her offerings.


2022 Birth Story Medicine Listener

2021 North Carolina Lactation Educator, BFPC

2020 Vaginal Steam Facilitator 

2019 Original Instructions School Certified Holistic Birth, Postpartum and Lactation Doula

2018 Integrative Healing Artist Shanti School of Energy Healing

2018 Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner 


Other Trainings & Certifications

DONA Internationally Trained Postpartum Doula

The Institute of Birth, Breathe and Death – Holding Space for Abortion, Pregnancy Loss + Miscarriage 

Advocating for & Accommodating Survivors of Sexual/Reproductive Trauma 

Acupressure for Birth

Spirit Gate Naval Cupping | Lisa Kelly

Biodynamic Pelvic Hydrotherapy for Professionals | Lisa Kelly

Moxibustion for Pelvic Health | Lisa Kelly

Milk & Seed Postpartum Kitchen Apprenticeship

Ayurvedic Belly Binding |Inner Sun & Moon

Double Blind Psychedelics & Maternity

Thai Massage & The Feminine Approach Level 1 | Way of Touch 

The Wisdom of Water Foundation Course | AQUAGENESIS


Fundamentals of Abortion Stigma and Mental Health | Exhale Pro-Voice




Are you a licensed practitioner, coach or therapist?

No. I am not a licensed practitioner, coach or therapist. I do not make decisions for mothers, nor do I perform medical procedures or prescribe anything. I am simply a woman who supports women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As an intuitive empath, I will use my skills to create a container where you can tune into your own wisdom and innate knowledge as I guide you through the map of healing and integration as it pertains to prenatal and maternal matters.



Where are you located? What is your service range?

I am nestled in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Almost all of my services are virtual, except the in home postpartum care, which is localized to my community here in Appalachia.

If you are not located nearby and in need of help, please reach out and I can accomadate and/or refer you to another doula or practitioner that is most aligned. 

What are your certifications and education?

You may read about my education and trainings here.

I am a mother first and foremost and have gained incredible insight from this lived experience of 12 years and counting. Upon studying herbalism and plant spirit medicine, I am trained in Birth Story Medicine, Vaginal Steam Facilitation, Breastfeeding Peer Counseling, Care + Companioning as well as Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage support. I am a forever student and will continue learning, it does not stop here.