Artemis & artemisia

“Because what calls is timeless it can come at any time in our life. Answering the call opens pathways of genius and imagination that lead to finding our innate being of serving the world. We are each called to become fully ourselves, and our transformation liberates our spirit and serves something beyond ourselves..” – Michael Meade

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healing is not fixing

When we feel broken inside, we believe that there is a need to fix apart of us that is imperfect. Whether it is derived from familial conditioning or cultural circumstance or personal scars, these absolute feelings energize our beliefs, like an invisible force that eventually animates our behavior.

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what is womb wanderings?

The belief in the "wandering womb" was a term used for centuries,  during a period of time when society pathologized the perplexity of birth, menses, and its unique functions found inside the body of a woman. Truthfully, the womb (where the uterus lives) moves around to expand and then contract during potent cycles of a woman's life, such as childbirth and menstruation. This gives perspective to the natural sense of wandering that does indeed happen. Out of a woman's innate cycles of motion came forth the hysteria that led to violating measures of female fetish. Perhaps a topic to be explored at a later date…

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