belly binding

Belly binding is a traditional practice that involves wrapping the belly after childbirth to support the closing of the womb. This wrapping technique gently holds all organs and the uterus in place to provide support for the core and pelvic floor. It is most effective and recommended during the first 6 weeks postpartum, repeated daily for the first 40 days.  

other benefits include:

● Closes the empty space in the womb thereby minimizing empty womb sadness
● Helps the pelvis + hips to close after birth
● Brings a feeling of mental/emotional stability + support
● Brings feelings of strength
● Helps the hormones to regain balance more effectively & thereby balances the emotions
● Helps separated abdominal muscles to come back together
● Helps relieve anxiety + depression

To add Belly Binding to your care plan, see POSTPARTUM PACKAGES