Moxibustion is a safe and effective form of heat therapy made of dried Mugwort leaves, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to be burned over acupressure points near the surface of the skin to increase energy and blood flow to specific areas on the body.  When lit, Moxa radiates pure Yang Qi healing energy (heat) to sensitive meridian points, invigorating the body's natural healing abilities to strengthen the blood, increase and stimulate blood flow and life force energy to promote good health.


Moxa is an excellent treatment for addressing cold related depletion, pain and stagnation in the body..

mugwort (artemesia Vulgaris) an ally for postpartum healing

Moxa has an affinity for the womb & women's health due to its only ingredient, Mugwort; Artemesia Vulgaris, association with the moon and seasons of womanhood. It is renowned for its toning effect on the uterus and for regulating cycles. 

During the 4th trimester, there is a process of sealing the opening that took place to give birth.  This opening of the womb, which has an opportunity to catch 'cold' during childbirth is relieved through warmth, conscious care and attention. 

As a postpartum doula, I use moxibustion & special techniques of fumigation to seal the womb. Utilizing breathwork & energy healing, I will support you in this very intimate recovery process.


To add Moxibustion to your care plan, see POSTPARTUM PACKAGES

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