birth story medicine


Birth Story Medicine© uses the mythic framework of the hero's journey to help a woman assimilate her birth as a rite of passage. By using this map, I (the story listener) will guide you (the storyteller) to move through your own wounding and mine it for medicine. In this dynamic process, you will gain insight, resolution and healing in just one session.


I offer private and confidential one-hour sessions.


We can meet by phone, video conference or in person in Asheville N.C. 


what a session looks like:


  • One 90-120 minute birth story listening session (in person or virtual) 
  • In this session you will be gently guided into the heart of your birth experience to uncover the parts of your birth that feel the most unresolved.  Through dialogue and other creative processes, I will help you to bring more awareness, acceptance, and compassion to yourself and your story. ​

  • (Optional) Re-Birth Certificate for an additional price.

What if the story we are telling ourselves is affecting the way we live or show up day to day? 


Telling stories is how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. They are central to our cognition and our connection in the world. Stories are essentially how we survive as creatures of culture.

Inevitably, we interpret the meaning in stories to understand ourselves better.

Sometimes we need help getting “unstuck” from the story we tell about ourselves. After giving birth, you may be asking yourself,

Who Am I? or How did this happen to me? If what you expected, or who you thought you would be in labor, was not realized, it can be difficult to accept this new self-identity as Mother, which in turn affects us deeply each new day.

who is this service for?

  • Pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, partners, birth-related professionals, and anyone who witnesses birth.

  • Pregnant and postpartum mothers who had traumatic birthing experiences or an extremely disappointing childbirth

  • Mothers who still find themselves thinking, reminiscing, and remembering their childbirth with mixed emotions, especially if the emotions are affecting motherhood.

  • Pregnant mothers preparing to welcome another child wanting to heal the fears and disappointments of the previous birth in order to not bring those fears with them to the next birthing experience.

how to know if a birth story session is right for you:

Are you struggling to accept your birth experience

and having leftover feelings of:

guilt, shame, brokenness

confusion, regret


anger & anxiety?


Do you catch yourself negatively talking to yourself?


Do you have certain beliefs that continue to affect the way you live your life?


Do you find yourself thinking about every detail of your birth on repeat?


Have you been told to feel grateful, or just get over it, because “you and the baby are healthy”?


Are you wondering if all those interventions needed to happen?


Do you have a strong desire to shift your relationship to yourself, your baby and your life?


If you answered yes, then storytelling in the presence of a skilled birth story listener may help you to rise uprelease these emotions and gather the scattered pieces of your story by uncovering the narrative playing out in your life based upon your birth experience.

invite you to dive into your story and discover what it has to teach you. 

Every birth has thousands of moments but there is usually a big moment that stands out, that's carrying a lot of weight and feels unresolved today....


Traumatic experiences during a birth can severely damage the way we see ourselves, by bringing heavy feelings to the surface to linger.


If you experienced a traumatic birth, then a Birth Story Medicine© session can be a great way to transform your feelings of guilt, shame, resentment and disappointment.

When we tell our story to people who are wounded, victimized, angry or self-judgmental, and don't receive a healing response it reinforces negative feelings. It does not resolve anything and often leads to prolonging emotional trauma.


Telling your birth story and being witnessed by a trained Birth Story Listener, is a sure way to alleviate the pain of regret or the residue of pain. Going further to unpack the details and unburden the feelings in an exclusive space to uncover deeper truths is transformational.

“it takes time to integrate a powerful rite of passage.”


As Michael Meade says, our job is not to comprehend or control everything, but to learn which story we are in. Eventually, stories help us to solve the problem and storytelling, while being guided in empathy, can bring peace and closure to that moment you feel you didn’t get it right.

Whether you are 6 weeks or 6 years postpartum, the journey through the gates of self-acceptance and realization, awaits you.

Rebecca learned the art of Birth Story Listening ™ from her mentors Danit Tsur Almog & Nicole Tricarico which was created by Pam England, former midwife, childbirth educator, best-selling author, and founder of Birth Story Medicine. Over the past 20 years, Pam England has developed and refined the Birth Story Medicine Philosophy and created The Birth Story School, training hundreds of people in birth story listening.