peristeam hydrotherapy

Peristeam Hydrotherapy is a fancy term for a traditional method of feminine self-care called Vaginal Steaming. This ancient practice is a gentle form of water-therapy that uses a combination of specific herbs to treat reproductive and gynecological issues. It goes by many different names, including Yoni Steam, Womb Sauna, Bajos, V- Steam, Pelvic Steam and has historic connections on all continents in the world. 


There are many benefits to incorporating this practice into your personalized self-care regime. As it applies to many facets of a womans life including menstrual health | period pain | fertility challenges | sex life | postpartum recovery | birth & sexual trauma.


Whether this is your first-time hearing of steaming or you're wanting more insight into your steam story, I offer a safe space to develop this personal practice. Upon booking there will be a virtual intake form followed by a steaming protocol and discussion.


steam is an ancient use of the elements


Imbued with Specific Herbs Steam Has the Power to:


  • improve blood circulation
  • address infections
  • regulate cycles
  • aid in recovery following childbirth
  • tone ligaments
  • encourage a full and healthy uterine cleanse.


The warmth of steam can be revitalizing for vaginal dryness.  It soothes pelvic muscles and eases hypertonic pelvic floor challenges.  Steaming can be particularly powerful during postpartum, when our body is going through a full uterine cleanse, following 9+ of months of growing a baby. This ritual of slowing down to take care of our pelvic region is so valuable for healing the womb.

To learn more the benefits of steaming during your postpartum recovery, see the

Fourth Trimester Steam Study, conducted by Steamy Chick.

is vaginal steaming only for postpartum support?

Aside from providing gentle, natural, and effective support for postpartum healing, the steaming process can offer a myriad of ways to support the menstrual cycle, as well as overall health.


Benefits of Vaginal Steaming:

Creates deep relaxation, helping to release stress and tension
Heals the Womb Space After Birth
Releases Trauma

Increased Energy and Fatigue Reduction
Strengthens the Uterus
Tones the Vagina
Prevents infections 

Relief of Abdominal Bloating
Relief of Hemorrhoids, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, yeast infections, or UTIs
Reduces Menstrual Symptoms
Increases Fertility, Pleasure of Orgasms, and Libido

Helps the Transition into Menopause


curious if pelvic steaming is for you?