Lactation Support 


It's normal to feel overwhelmed with all of the emotional and physical changes happening during postpartum. Whether you’re experiencing feeding challenges or just want some extra support getting started, I can help.

And if you're feeling worried about lactation and infant feeding problems but aren’t sure if you need to be seen in person, or don't feel comfortable leaving the home just yet, then virtual lactation support is the perfect solution for you. Or maybe, you've had in-person support and just want a second opinion...


I offer one-hour lactation support sessions so you can ask me anything concerning breastfeeding, exclusively.

I Can Help With:


  • Early success with breastfeeding
  • Education on a variety of topics, including pumping and/or bottle-feeding
  • Maintaining milk supply
  • Managing negative feelings
  • Continuing the legacy of the mother baby dyad


Surprisingly, learning to breastfeed is instinctual for a baby but not for the mother.  A woman has to practice this art form and get comfortable with doing it. In order for her baby to thrive and for her confidence to grow, a new mother must commit to this practice through learning what works best for her and her baby. 

feeling insecure about integrating plant medicine & breastfeeding?


I offer nonjudgmental support for your informed decision making and I honor the sacred relationship that is developing between you and your child.

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