I cannot thank Rebecca enough for all of her help and guidance through my pregnancy and postpartum. She encouraged me and was there with positive words and advice when I was at my lowest and ready to give up on nursing. It doesn’t stop with nursing though, when my baby wasn’t sleeping and I was losing my mind, Rebecca was there offering different helpful tips. She was there for me when my baby got his first fever, and I was scared. Rebecca’s knowledge and the way she delivers it always made me feel better. Never pushy or short with me, she truly cared, and I always felt that. Her knowledge and her vibe are really the perfect combo for a new mom. I still refer to her helpful advice when something comes up. If my kids get sick or hurt, I am now equipped with some helpful holistic remedies Rebecca had given me. She also had given me some really helpful books on raising my son. What it all comes down to is, Rebecca made me feel comfortable and confident in a time of change in my life. She is caring, loving and knowledgeable and it’s the perfect trifecta. – Sarah


Working with Rebecca and her Birth Story Medicine was far more impactful for me than I could have imagined. Her ability to create a comfortable and sacred space, complete with hot tea on a blanket in the woods, is something that surprised me even after being friends for a long time. I honestly didn't know how badly I needed this medicine, and still now, after months since our session, I think of it often. It opened my eyes and my heart to parts of my birth story that I put away, not thinking they were important, but were in fact enormous moments. Rebeca has an amazing ability to allow women to explore their inner realm, that so often we’re taught to fear or reject. It was an honor working with her and I highly recommend her medicine, no matter what your birth story looks like. – Kathryn


Gentle, professional and intimate. Rebecca was a grounding guided force that gently peeled back the layers shared through my birth story session with her. Often times we find ourselves just exchanging our birth stories with our fellow sisters. This went much deeper. I was able to get there with Rebecca’s guided meditations, thoughtful questions and great calming Demeanor. I left the session empowered and discovered pieces of myself I thought I’d buried. Most of all Rebecca’s session provided me a prospective that I was never buried, these parts unearthed were planted. It was such an honor to work with a woman who understands and values women. I look forward to maintaining the growth that has come from this session! — Glenn

My birth story medicine session with Rebecca was incredible. She helped me tease apart tender pieces of my birth experience and ultimately helped shift things in my life beyond birth. I reclaimed parts of my story that I had unconsciously blocked out thanks to her ability to hold sacred space that felt safe and welcomed raw honesty. Rebecca is a deeply insightful and compassionate guide. I am grateful to know her on this walk of life. My only wish is that I had discovered this offering sooner. But … I trust in the divine timing and highly recommend sitting down with Rebecca for a Birth Story Medicine session and let the healing unfold. — Amber



Rebecca’s Birth Story Medicine initiated the retrieval of so much deep neural calming in my system after a very traumatizing moment in my birth that I got lost in. Her slowness and her focus and her curiosity led me into a moment that I can now look back on in calmness and peace opposed to trauma. I suggest this work to anyone whether they had trauma in their own birth or not. — Julianna



Every birth story is sacred. These stories connect us to our ancestors and sisters. I believe if these stories aren’t shared, especially if there’s trauma involved, they will become stuck in the body and manifest into rage. To have someone hold and reflect back the medicine and alchemize the trauma is important work. Rebecca is a woman who has walked through the fire and can hold that sacred space. — Kristy 


Rebecca is one of those people who effortlessly integrates into your space, while nourishing the energy and the family with thoughtful and intentional remedies, touch and word. She calmly brings you to a feeling of lush, cared for, and ease. My time with her in postpartum was a true blessing and I am proud to call her a dear friend. She is wise beyond her time here on earth and has a way of bringing up what needs to be seen in such a beautiful way. I have spent time thinking on my birth stories and what comes forth and her thoughtful approach to that realm helped me heal parts of my being that needed tending. Overall, if you need care, mind, body and soul- have this woman come be a part of your fourth trimester and beyond! — Caitlin 



After the Birth Story Medicine session with Rebecca, I felt a sense of deep rest and letting go which is very liberating. Rebecca has a gentle and calm presence, made me feel safe and well supported. I'm grateful for her generosity and passion. I recommend parents and birth keepers to gift themselves an opportunity to share their birth story with someone like Rebecca to harvest the medicine that is ready for them. — Dee