what is womb wanderings?

The belief in the "wandering womb" was a term used for centuries,  during a period of time when society pathologized the perplexity of birth, menses, and its unique functions found inside the body of a woman. Truthfully, the womb (where the uterus lives) moves around to expand and then contract during potent cycles of a woman's life, such as childbirth and menstruation. This gives perspective to the natural sense of wandering that does indeed happen. Out of a woman's innate cycles of motion came forth the hysteria that led to violating measures of female fetish. Perhaps a topic to be explored at a later date…

The term Hysteria comes from the Greek word, hystera and is a nervous condition conceptualized from the ‘wandering womb’ which was also thought to have been the cause of a female's painful periods. Originally defined as a ‘neurotic condition peculiar to women’, hysteria was thought to be the cause of a dysfunctional uterus, deluded to the medical term hysterectomy, which translates to the removal of it (uterus)Hysteria was a generalized term and included the full spectrum back then, from discomfort to low libido to promiscuity in women. This overarching diagnosis casted upon women, turned vile and was suddenly manipulated for patriarchal gain. It meant a woman who had that bad hysteria, was actually submissive to the devil and deserved a certain death.


To take a deeper look at the wandering womb we have to strip all nuance and projected terminology. The narrative that periods are painful, that women are crazy, and that childbirth is punishment is supremely outdated and comes from a time when people were told to beware of the womb of a woman. Today, women are learning how to reconnect to their cycles instead, they are cycle syncing as a way to track their behavior, hormones and health and free birthing as it ever was in the first place.  

origin of womb wanderings

Womb Wanderings grew out of a deep inquiry of the feminine mysteries and the dealings of birth and death cycles. This original continuum is what sustains all of life and is a requisite for the human race, respectfully. Approaching these thresholds and acquiring the empirical knowledge and GIFT OF BECOMING MOTHER brings us into right relationship with the divine experience and nature of rebirth, where one must descend into the unknown only to come back altered by it forever. 

thank you for being here

Womb Wanderings is a platform operating as a resource for regenerating the wisdom of the womb and reviving the ancient archetypal force of the mother principle.


Womb Wanderings is committed to helping women process and heal birth trauma, challenging birth experiences and collective mother wounding; all facets found inside the womb space.


Womb Wanderings is a destination for women to expand and restore their role of mother while exploring the radical measure of servitude that it entails, the generational wounding that it may carry, and the legacy that it is.

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