healing is not fixing

When we feel broken inside, we believe that there is a need to fix apart of us that is imperfect. Whether it is derived from familial conditioning or cultural circumstance or personal scars, these absolute feelings energize our beliefs, like an invisible force that eventually animates our behavior.


When a woman says: I am Powerless. She is fighting an uphill battle with herself. Instead, she needs to bring compassion to the moments when she cannot be powerful. This is ultimately about being human. Feeling weak or unworthy is an embedded maternal scar from the density of patriarchal values. Today our modern culture states: Moms must be powerful etc…all of the time! But we can never always be powerful. We can feel power in certain moments, but we are more likely to feel powerless when we cannot achieve the certainty of this statement. And so, it goes...

Healing is not linear.

Let’s rewrite the story.


Dear Woman,

There is nothing to fix. Although you wish to…be wise and look the other way. You will never succeed in being all powerful because there are always going to be moments like this, in life, that show us that we are not. We’re human. It’s an endless chase of phantasm which brings frustration and misery to believe we must become this, all of the time, forever.


Mothers, do we want to teach our kids this?


Real healing is not fixing oneself…. there is nothing to fix. It’s about expansion, not about moving one thing to the opposite of that one thing. We are vast enough to experience weakness. We are whole.


It’s okay woman, it's not going to kill you or destroy you to admit this.

 "Spirit Bear"  Collage

Great Bear represents resurrection. To the ancients this wild animal awakened from death and returned from the deep dark. Bear has the power of tracking, knowing, and “digging out” the psychic aspects of all things with the ability to regulate one’s life, move in cycles and be fully alert. Bear simply knows when to quiet down to renew energy for the next cycle. Spirit Bear mirrors our loyalty, wisdom, strength and deep compassion for the self, in a fierce, but generous and timeless way. With Spirit Bear, we are reminded to lean into the discomfort of the dark to find the light within.