Artemis & artemisia

“Because what calls is timeless it can come at any time in our life. Answering the call opens pathways of genius and imagination that lead to finding our innate being of serving the world. We are each called to become fully ourselves, and our transformation liberates our spirit and serves something beyond ourselves..” – Michael Meade

Motherhood is the great occurrence of confrontation with the self. We are forced to go beyond our own means to dismantle and rebuild our heart and path to wellness. We face our shadow and grant access to our own deepest dark in the name of healing to become a better person for our baby. In so many ways, this is our natural ability and when we are neglectful at taking care of our own personal tribulations, we may find incentive to trespass through the darkness just like a huntress would.


Introducing, Artemis; She Who Slays.


Artemis is the Goddess of The Wild Things and an archetype of remembrance for women traversing new motherhood. In her realm of the ever-distant wildness, you will see her in radical solidarity, being the compassionate and skillful midwife to herself. In this primitive identity of mystical motherhood, she learns to confront her soul with bravery.


To call on Artemis is to call on the Wild Self.


Artemis knows how to track and excavate the past to diminish the power of negative habitual responses which are typically held and/or trapped in the body and womb space. She brings forward the gifts of far-seeing and inward-seeing eyes, allowing one glimpses of interconnection between a personal story and the timeless unfolding of collective emergent stories. What a superpower to hold the past and future timelines of birth! Artemis encourages questioning of personal beliefs that distort perceptions. She shines a light on which you least like and that which cannot be eluded. She is hungry, receptive, and watchful for subtle clues that appear in the lowlands of the mind, emotional body and daily life. These skills of persistence in patiently stalking habitual patterns of thinking and old assumptions support the processing a new mother will undergo while she beckons from her own future self for courage.


Are you ready to dive into your story and discover what it has to teach you?


Artemis insists on choosing Self which is of pure leadership for the selfless mother to obtain. For she is the embodiment of the transition from maiden and must learn to protect her passions, her innate wildness in the act of romancing her defense mechanisms. This raw inspiration that is born from transformation and exploration is aided within the discovery of Self.


This primordial truth is imprinted in the plant spirit of Artemisia; beloved of Artemis. Women come to the door of Artemis and may find her passion embalmed in the silver under leaf of the Moon. The deep well of lunar magic afforded to this plant is held in the wisdom of working with it with intention. Just like Artemis, Mugwort is supportive of rooting into the self even when it’s hard. Mugwort has an affinity for the womb as well as the ovaries and nervous system. Having a direct connection to this portal is why we work with Mugwort before and after pregnancy. She is a the feminine ally for excavating the dark to reclaim the wild self.

The ways in which we can work with Artemis are endless but specifically as an  ally through the postpartum window is through telling our Birth StoryMoxabustion & Pelvic Steaming


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