in-home postpartum care



The role of the postpartum doula is to hold unwavering space, offer unbiased, evidence-based information, and hands on support for establishing lifelong practices that may carry into motherhood and beyond.

Be it cooking nourishing meals, or inspiring rituals for self-care, these services are intended to give new parents the guidance they will need by encouraging and enhancing their own skills to bloom so that various tasks nurture a blissful connection and loving acceptance for the body, soul and in turn, new baby. 

As a postpartum doula I validate this intimate process and dedicate my unique, personalized and professional skillset into 'mothering the mother', with a special focus on recovery, and bonding with the baby. I will provide the best community resources, and both timely and quality referrals to other perinatal professionals when needed.


To see if we are a good fit:

Offerings Include:


  • Nutritional Support

  • Emotional Wellbeing Support

  • Breastfeeding Guidance

  • Infant Care

  • Sibling Integration

  • Referrals to Bodyworkers, Counselors etc.

  • Light Housekeeping

What we will address in the postpartum together:


  • hormonal and physical changes
  • breastfeeding challenges
  • new relationship to baby
  • challenges with relationship with partner, family, friends, colleagues 
  • your new role as mother, nurturer and caretaker
  • change in routines of eating, sleeping, and intimate relationships
  • the reality of fatigue, sleep deprivation, emotional liability, teariness, anxiety, confusion, unresolved feelings
  • expectation vs. reality 
  • nourishing traditions and the importance of warmth
  • your birth story and its effects on you today

Learn about 1:1 story sessions for more information.

$35/hr You will receive care for 2-4 hours each visit. Each visit will be catered entirely to your needs and requests. All meal planning and childcare are included in the hourly price. 

*Food costs are separate and will be custom to each client

*Herbs and healing treatments are not included in hourly rate


available treatments

All treatments are additional $30 each and can be added to any package.